Top 10 Reasons To Build a Food Delivery Apps For Your Restaurant or Hotel Business

Top 10 Reasons To Build a Food Delivery Apps For Your Restaurant or Hotel Business
The Food industry is one of the oldest business sectors in the world. Then why should one need a mobile application for their restaurant business? Let me explain, This industry might be old but the market condition that masters it is even older. So when these conditions change, it is very important and mandatory for your business to catch up with the new business trends and technology.
To cope up with the trend many food delivery services are becoming accustomed to the future-gen technologies and techniques to reach out to the maximum number of customers and to generate high revenue. One of those techniques is On-Demand Food Delivery App Development. It has greatly increased the impact on making things easier for both the customers and the restaurant owners. Then, what are the major reasons to witness the growing popularity of online food ordering and delivery apps like UberEats? 
Here is the answer, according to the most recent survey, 58% of millennials are most likely to order food online through desktops, whereas 42% of them make their order through smartphones. The foremost thing behind this transformation in the online food delivery business is because now common people started ordering through mobile applications than visiting restaurants and calling from their mobile phones.
Top 10 Reasons to Build a Food Delivery App for your Restaurant
1. Enable Contact-less Delivery
During this COVID-19 people are feeling unsafe to go to a restaurant. They prepare a completely safe food delivery system. So with the mobile application, one can offer their customer a contact less food delivery system by disabling the cash on delivery and enabling online payment systems. This makes customers place their orders and get their food safely.
2. Digital Menu & Single Tap Contact
Building a mobile application for the restaurant business doesn’t just give you better access to your customers, but the thing is it gives your customers better access to you. 
Within a single tap, your customers can place orders for their favorite dishes. All the available dishes in a restaurant can be displayed in the application so that it is useful for the customers to select for the dishes. Displaying your digital menu will also help in attracting many new customers. Even if you don’t offer these services. The patrons can use the application to call you and make reservations or for inquiries.
3. Stay Ahead of your Competitors  
Not all the restaurants in the city will have a mobile application for their business. This will make you stay ahead of your competitors. It helps people to find you and give you business rather than your competitors. Even if you don’t have a lot of competition from other local businesses, most chain restaurants already have mobile apps. And it is not that late for you to catch up with them by launching a food delivery and ordering service of your own. 
4. High Social Sharing
“Word of mouth” is being the ultimate kind of advertisement for any kind of business, especially for restaurants. It is best because it's free, and then people are most likely to trust the words of their friends and family and the feedback about the restaurants from them, right?
This word-of-mouth works a little differently in the internet era.  People still talk in person about their experience and feedback about their favorite restaurant, but now people are more likely to talk up on social media. This will increase the customers of the restaurant, but if it has an application then it gets a great hit. It is easy for customers to share a restaurant that has an associated app.
5. Enables Direct Marketing
Having a mobile application also opens up whole new areas for you to market directly with the users who are already your customers. With the application on the customer’s phone, one can send notification about the offers, new addons on the menu, special discounts and coupons, changes in operating hours, etc. So this is a very easy way of bringing customers back to your restaurant. In the restaurant business, you make some money when people come in once. You make more money when they keep coming back.
6. Location and Localization
The mobile app is the much needed one for your business because your website can be in analog mediums like phonebooks, local maps, brochures, etc but the applications make it more visible to the people, as nowadays people find ways to get a good restaurant using mobile phones. 
Build a mobile app in such a way that it can send customers a push notification when they drive within a certain vicinity of your restaurant. By this, the customer doesn’t need to look at their phones for restaurants to come to mind. It is a cheaper and trendy way to advertise than paying for billboards by the roadside.
7. Loyalty and Referral Programs
In 2015 Black Friday, a pizza joint named Pizza Ranch did promotions that gave their customers double points for purchasing on that day. This generated 67.6% more business than they normally do. It was a successful strategy to do and had a 780% ROI on the money and time they invested. This worked well because of the mobile-based loyalty program. 
You can continue doing loyalty programs and make them purchase more to contribute towards the final goals points by sending them a push notification to remind the loyal customers about how close they are and suggesting them to come in for a meal or drink which eventually puts them over the edge points-wise for their prize. 
8. Increase ROI on Special Offers
By giving special offers like Happy hours on Saturday evening can double your profit on that night alone. This can be explained with an example, a restaurant in Mexico, decided to give special hour offers and started sending “Margarita Monday Happy Hour” through push notifications. 
According to that restaurant, Monday was the best day to give their customers special offers, where the people don’t usually go out for a drink. So he makes use of it to get revenue. These can be done effectively only if a restaurant has a mobile application.
9. Secure and Multiple Payment System
The mobile payment system is one of the most important tools that attract customers. In this pandemic season, many prefer contactless food delivery that enables online payment. Asure your customer about the security and offer multiple payment gateways. Also, make the payment process very simple and fast as customers are eager for a quick in-and-out shopping experience.
10. Real-Time In-App Tracking for Delivery
Another much-needed tool that all the customers prefer in tracking their order inside a single application. Install a GPS tracking system to all the delivery operations and provide real-time delivery fleet data to your customers to provide them with the best user experience. This feature enables the customers to know all the details about their orders such as elapsed time since the order placed, notification delay time, location of the delivery executive, etc. 
11. Photo Display to Entice
This is a very attractive marketing strategy. Take images of your food and upload it in your application and menu so that it increases the chances of customers visiting the restaurant.  Try to add photos of your product (food) in context (people eating it). Showing the food “in use” adds action, interest, and helps app users imagine themselves happy and in the exact same situation.
These are the top 10 reasons to build a food delivery app for restaurants. If you are in the idea of building an application of a single restaurant or app that connects all the restaurants in the locality, then you can build a food ordering and delivery mobile application like UberEats with our UberEats Clone Script. We at Startupmart offer the best UberEats Clone App with all the rich features. And it is highly customizable according to the business needs. Contact us and get a free demo.
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Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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