5 Steps to Launch your UberEats Clone App Amid COVID 19 Crisis

5 Steps to Launch your UberEats Clone App Amid COVID 19 Crisis
This corona virus pandemic season has bought the fear of contacting people for their needs. So, this leads them to do all their daily needs by themselves. The health and economic sectors of the world are facing the worst case scenario due to this pandemic. While the doctors, police, health care workers, etc are working day and night, businesses, industries are also facing a huge loss of resources and lock down  rules.

Almost every business sector is facing these problems and they don’t have an idea of how to move forward. But there is one sector which is still able to stay and also posting an upsurge in this season too. Okay! Without taking much time, let me tell you what it is. It is the On-Demand App Industry. With the fear of being infected by the virus people started to prefer online food delivery, grocery delivery, online doctor consultation, etc.  But still, there are other huge numbers of people who still are concerned about the safety when the food is being delivered.

So this led the entrepreneurs and business enterprises to build an on-demand application with the strict safety standards. Let's look out five precaution measures to be taken with an UberEats Clone App to gain more users and public attention. 

1. Co-ordinate the Network 

The online food ordering and delivery system consist of mainly three applications namely restaurant app, driver app and the user app. Your primary goal is to regulate and maintain different entities simultaneously. Let's look into that in detail below,

Draft an agreement that would be too easy for all the restaurants from higher to local chains of restaurants. This makes many restaurant owners sign up with you and the number of restaurants on your platform increases. As a result the rate of sustainability will also be more. This is the pandemic period where you and the restaurants can get really huge orders and profit. This is like a golden period as restaurants have only delivery as the only means of reaching the customers. Even after the corona virus period the restaurants can enhance this online profit method with their regular sales.

According to the IMF, there are 39 million job losses up to now. Taking into account the delivery workers on the gig economy, you can hire freelancers, part-time workers,etc . You can save a quite amount of your budget. 

All the strategies are waste if your application or website cannot handle the traffic. It is suggested to oversee all of your servers and databases effectively so that your users can come over a flawless  navigation.

2. Carry Out the Strategies

For the efficient functioning of your application, you have to implement certain strategies as well for regulating. These are,

To break the chain of virus transmission, incorporate zero contact deliveries with your users and the delivery professionals. They are called the contact less distribution system. To implement this system you can disable the action of “COD - Cash On Delivery” for the users. Adoption of digital modes of transaction is one of the main strategies to be implemented to stay safe in this pandemic.

Include a Report feature, where the users can cancel the order if he/she feels the non-compliance of the safety-measures by the delivery professional. This can be enabled for the restaurants too! If and only if the user considers that the food is unsafe.

3. Look Over the Safety Measures

To improve your quality of trustworthiness, it is very important for you to certify your customers that the platform’s food and orders are contamination free.

As restaurants are the cardinal foundation of this business. So they need the highest level of safety measures. So make sure that they stand by all the strict hygiene procedures and norms. Adhere to all these before signing it all up. This may include washing of all the kitchen utensils frequently, checking and monitoring the temperature regularly, etc. 

Food safety is not the only thing that we should take in account, you also need to concentrate the packages on the foods. That can also help in breaking the chain.  Command the restaurants to double cover the foods to avoid the contamination. Offering hand sanitizers and Personal Protective Equipments(PPE) to the workers and delivery professionals will help to prevent the community spread. 


4. Make a Hit with the Audience

The public in your business locality should be aware of your application and the services that you offer.

By Promoting your product you can make it to reach among the targeted audience. The marketing strategies will help you in launching the successful on-demand food delivery app like UberEats.

Out of any other form of advertising, the ‘’Word of Mouth” marketing is the effective method to reach the millions of the people out there. Even if you are not doing any sought of marketing activities, this “Word of Mouth” marketing is enough. According to Nielsen,  92% of the users believe in recommendation from their friends and family members. 

5. Guide your Users and Executives

Apart from other things social distancing and prevention is the main thing to be followed by both the users and the delivery professionals. 

Educate the dos and the don'ts to the users, workers, and the delivery executives while handling the food orders, etc. Giving the awareness of the disease to the delivery professional is a very important matter as it guarantees the user lives and the workers life. 

The users too should follow the same. If they are careless about this, there is now point taking all these sanitation procedures. Providing critical information and safety tips from experts can help users stay super cautious.

Bottom Line

These effective steps can be the bridge for your food delivering and ordering platform’s success. By implementing these steps as an entrepreneur you can grow up even in this pandemic season.

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