What are the Vital Key Features for Building a Thriving Taxi Booking Portal

What are the Vital Key Features for Building a Thriving Taxi Booking Portal
Before the existence of the Uber and Ola, there also existed taxi rental services, but with the slight major difference. That is they had no mobile app. The main reason for the tremendous victory of Uber-like apps is the growth of the Internet. They had a keen vision of the future emerging technologies(Internet). And as they noticed, the internet started playing a vital role in everyone’s life. They rightly used that platform and became unbeatable.
But there is countable competition for Uber and Ola till date. So If you are about to start a taxi booking business, the embryonic step is to buy a mobile app or a website. Because capital income comes from the internet as nowadays almost everyone is using the internet. And also it is the best platform for being popular in a short interval.
While you are taking steps for buying a taxi booking script there are several key features to be noticed. Bear in mind that those features should make the user feel simple and comfy for use. Here I will line up the vital features for buying a car booking script. 

Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Taxi App that clearly explains the work flow of user app and driver app.

Fundamental Features

Most primarily the taxi booking software should contain a world-class portfolio, that attracts the user in the first look. As the First Impression Is the best Impression.

Secondly having a fast and effortless login process. Set up the app in such a way that the user can use the app even without the registration. But for the registration process, the app should collect the following information from the user - Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, Password. Most importantly link the social media networks like Facebook, Google+, etc. After the registration process directly allow the user to book their ride.
User Dominant Features

In the main page allow the user to do the following actions.

       1.  Search bar to select their pickup and drop location.

       2.  GPS feature for locating the current place.

       3.  Add a detailed map view for the selected location to track the location of the cab.

       4.  Allow the user to select the type of cab.
Ride Details

The Cab booking script provides an app that displays all about the ride like when will the taxi reaches the user’s location for pickup, time of reaching the destination and the route to the destination. So it is easy for the user and the driver to know about their ride.

Driver and Wage Module

This feature will help both the user and the admin to know all the necessary details about the driver. Through this, the admin can efficiently handle their driver’s detail. It will help in giving the amount to be paid to the driver for a certain distance.
Location Tracking
The location Tracking in the cab booking script app will track the location of the driver and the user. When the user books a ride, this feature will show the countdowns until they receive the service. After the booking confirmation, the location of a driver is shared to the user and the location of the user is shared to the driver, which helps both of them in knowing each others’ location. 
Communicative Portal
This helps users and drivers in communicating with each other in case of any confusions in reaching the location. Communicative portal let the drivers contact the customer directly. Just think when there is no communicative portal, the driver and the user wants to contact the admin and so the admin acts as the bridge between them. This process is a waste of time. The advantage of this portal is the customer and the driver can communicate with each other directly where there will no confusions.
Secure Payment Gateway
The app also has a payment gateway which is so secured. The pieces of information that are entered by the customer for payment remains confidential to the customer. The customer can also pay the wage by cash. Want to launch your Taxi Booking Business with ready-made Solutions. 

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