Successful On-Demand Business Startup Ideas 2021

Successful On-Demand Business Startup Ideas 2021
2020 is almost at the end and marks the end of the decade. It is time to make some new business ideas to start over in the new year 2021. By understanding the drastic technology developments, many businesses have shifted to the online market. This will surely keep on increasing in the upcoming years too! Are you an entrepreneur looking to start an online business in a smart way? There are numerous online business ideas on hand and many traditional businesses are upgrading online day by day. Let me tell you such trending on-demand business ideas that you can start over in 2021. 

On-Demand Business Ideas 2021

There are several evergreen unfaded online businesses like food delivery, grocery delivery, online betting, handyman services, etc. They are ruling the on-demand industry even today! After the strike of the novel coronavirus, many other traditional businesses have upgraded online. And these businesses are going to rule the market for decades. Entrepreneurs who have awaited to start a potential online business can make use of the growthful time. Startupmart have listed out some of the trending and ever growing on demand business ideas that could work better and yield high profit in 2021. 

On-Demand Doctor Booking

This industry gained huge attention after the COVID19 as many people suffered to get consultations for many common health problems as doctors are busy in treating coronavirus affected patients. And People cannot get treatments during the lockdown. The issue was solved using the online doctor booking website and applications. 
It is a virtual communication platform for doctors and patients through the internet. Users can create profiles, find doctors and book for appointments. Doctors give consultations using the application. You can also start a similar business by getting a ready-made Doctor Booking Script.

Telemedicine Delivery

Telemedicine delivery is rising up its scale in this pandemic. Without visiting a doctor, patients can get prescriptions online from the verified doctors. The prescribed medicines can be ordered from pharmacies and will be delivered to your doorstep. Seems interesting right? We Startupmart, provide Telemedicine App Development to help startups to enter the telehealth industry. 

Multi-Gaming Platform like MPL, Hago & Winzo

It is a gaming platform covering a variety of games like poker, rummy, carrom, etc  in a single app. Users can earn money by playing games and scoring points. This multi-gaming platform business is very popular among youngsters. You can also launch your own Multi-Gaming Platform App

Online Dating

Everything today is available online. Starting from food delivery to online education. Along the line, online dating apps like Tinder also became trending. Entrepreneurs are coming forward and starting innovative businesses kike this. Tinder Clone App is also available to instantly start an online dating app business. 


Crowdfounding is an ecosystem of collecting funds for a plan by getting a small amount of money from a large group of people. This can be done through an application where one can collect funds world wide. If a person is interested in starting a crowdfunding business can get crowdfunding app development solutions from Startupmart. 



One can develop an app for logistics transportation that allows trucks, shippers to book, price and track loads online(24X7). It is used for transporting trucks with loads to the right place at the right time. You can make revolutions in the logistic industry with our Uber for Trucks Clone

Everlasting On-Demand Businesses

  1. Online food delivery and ordering business like UberEats with UberEats Clone App.
  2. Online taxi booking business like Uber with Uber Taxi Clone App.
  3. On-demand multi-services business like Gojek with Gojek Clone App.
  4. Building E-learning platform like Udemy with Udemy Clone App.
  5. Ride sharing business like BlaBlaCar with BlaBlaCar Clone App.
  6. On-demand video streaming app business like Netflix with Netflix Clone App.
  7. Fantasy sports app like Dream11 with Dream11 Clone App.

Multi-Billion On-Demand App Economy - Statistics

The on-demand market industry is growing steadily.  The PwC report says that the on-demand market will reach 335 billion dollars by 2025.
The on-demand mobile app economy is accounting over 22.4 million users yearly. And spends 57.6 billion to get the services. 
49% of on-demand app users are millennials

Around 7.6 million Americans are going to be the provider by the year 2022. 
The On-Demand Delivery Market is about to hit 161.74 billion dollar by 2023.

Top 5 Countries To Start An On-Demand Business

The success of an online business relies on the focused audience and the focused region, so. Just like every other business, you just have to go through a study on where to start your on-demand business. There are around 100+ countries in the world, if you check out each country’s market and peoples demand, then it would take a decade to launch your business. To simplify the process, we have brought you a list of top 5 countries which have high potential to start on-demand startups. Explore them below here.
  1. Canada
  2. United States Of America
  3. India
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. United Kingdom

Bottom Line

It is high time to adapt and integrate the on-demand industry to get more revenue and save your business from getting outdated. You can choose any of the on-demand business ideas. But the success of the business lies in the application developed. Because interfaces with high-end features and functionalities are the best way of attracting the customers for using your business service. Startupmart a leading on-demand app development company, provides the best app development team for  building any type of on-demand business applications.

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