On-Demand Economy Statistics 2021: Insights That Proves Scope Of On-Demand Startups

On-Demand Economy Statistics 2021: Insights That Proves Scope Of On-Demand Startups

The new trend has arrived among people today. We have started booking taxis, ordering food, book doctor appointments, hiring electricians, plumbers, beauticians, etc instantly from our smartphones. Experts in the on-demand applications industry predict that there is going to be a drastic shift in the market.

As this industry is taking over all the traditional business models, the existing enterprises and entrepreneurs are understanding the potential of this trillion dollar industry. And slowly many startups and existing business models have started adapting to the on-demand economy.  

The On-Demand Economy

Harvard Business Reports predicted that the on-demand economy is attracting 22.4 million customers yearly. And also spending 57.6 billion dollar on this economy. Uber and Airbnb are the most well now on-demand services. They were the game changer of this industry. Although Uber and Airbnb define the on-demand market, they were not the only two companies offering the service. Today there are thousands of similar services launched and existing in the market all over the globe.  The friction between the buyer and the seller was eliminated the on-demand applications.  Now, many on-demand business models are building excellent mobile applications to provide the best services to their customers. The mobile application became the key to success for any of the on-demand business models. 

Facts And Statistics About On-Demand Economy

Burson-Marsteller is a leading global strategic communications and public relations firm conducted a survey on the on-demand economy(USA). According to this survey,

  1. 42% of the adult population that is 86.5 million Americans have used at least one of the on-demand services.
  2. Similarly, 22% of the adult population approximately 45 million Americans have offered on-demand service. Among this 22% of the population, 51% of them addressed that their financial status was enhanced in the last few years. And also 64% among the 22% of the population who offer on-demand services admit that they believe their financial situation will increase in the future years.
  3. 41% of people using and offering on-demand services lives in urban areas.
  4. Startups in the on-demand economy are under 35 years of age. 

Intuit Inc. is an American business and financial software company that predicted and conducted a survey on on-demand economy. According to this survey, 

  1. 70% of the on-demand employees are enjoying and satisfied with their job. And 81% of the workers are planning to continue their job with the same provider for the following year also. 
  2. Because of the flexibility and comfortable schedule 46% of workers are working in this on-demand industry. So it is easy for 33% of people to work in more than one platform.
  3. For earning supplemental income, 63% of workers are working in the on-demand economy. And they admit that they are happy to work in this industry.

Future Of On-Demand Economy

Taking the above statistics and datas from venture capital firms into account, it is confidently clear that the new on-demand economy is here to stay for years. The consumer trend, needs, and expectations are changing, it is very important to cope up with the trend by changing the business model. In our busy running lives, we can get almost any service on our doorstep with few swipes in our smartphones. This is the main reason many users are engaging in this on-demand market. 

The New On-Demand Business Economy

The foremost thing to understand is all the customers expect in a service is flexibility, personalization, responsiveness and user-friendly application. One must fulfill all these desires to grow your on-demand business. There are many on-demand business ideas like online food delivery, taxi booking, on-demand multi-services business, e-learning platform, online ride sharing business, on-demand video streaming platform, etc. One of the main roles in this industry is played by mobile applications. Got a million dollar on-demand business ideas? And in a search for a right technology partner to build your on-demand business application? Get in touch with us now!

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