Build Your On-Demand Taxi Booking Portal

Build Your On-Demand Taxi Booking Portal
Starting from smart devices to artificial intelligence various new solutions are being showcased every day. Among those, only a few numbers of solution witnessed success. The reason behind the success is, they keenly observed the pulse of people with respect to the current trend.

Taxi Booking Portal :

Obviously, it will be comfortable to travel everywhere by taxi, but finding the taxi in one stop is difficult. To make one's journey easy here providing a taxi booking portal for business. Through which anyone can book the taxi with a single tap without wandering anywhere.

Most of the entrepreneurs started to do their business online by providing the best service to the customers. Providing the users a sophisticated solution in an online with high security and functionalities matters a lot.

Earlier there were fewer resources to start your dream business in real time. But now you don’t need to worry, because all you need to do is have a perfect business idea and the right place to get that idea into reality.

Plenty of successful services are there but currently, the taxi booking portal is highly on demand.

Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Taxi App that clearly explains the work flow of user app and driver app.

Get Affordable Taxi Booking Portal for Your Startup:

Startupmart offers you the best taxi booking portal with high-level security features and functionality. In our Taxi Booking Portal users no need to do registration to book the taxi, we providing easy booking solution to the customers to book their rides.

Users can book the taxi in advance, whenever they plan for a ride. With the help of our advanced technologies, users can use various mediums like a website, android mobile, iOS mobile and tablets. 

Our trustworthy Functionalities for you:

Real-Time tracking

With the help of GPS functionalities here you can experience a real-time tracking.
After booking the taxi users can acquire drivers current location. 

GPS is mainly used to pinpoint your current location, wherever you go the pin keeps on moving. Definitely, this will be an extra feature for online taxi booking business.

This will ensure Users to enjoy a safe journey without any hesitation.

Peer to Peer Ride.

Through an Online Taxi Booking Software, it is easy to acquire ride details that when will it reach the destination as well as the route to reach the destination. In Admin panel every record of drivers and riders will be recorded.

If the driver is not sure about the track to a destination he can contact the admin to ask for help.

Payment Gateway.

Taxi booking portal development comprises secure payment feature for the booking and it remains confidential to the customers. it holds simple transaction techniques that help everyone for the easy transaction.

You don’t need to search for a wallet to pay, just you can do online mobile payments, credit cards. If in case you don’t have any sort of digital payment then you can pay cash also. The fare calculation will also be done based on the meters you have traveled.

Unique features of Startupmart:

        1. User-friendly SEO.

        2. Usage of Advanced Technologies.

        3. Customizable Solutions.

        4. Free Add-ons.

        5. Enhancing Ability.

        6. Bug-Free Support.

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