The Next Big On-Demand Market in 2021 - Online Education System

The Next Big On-Demand Market in 2021 - Online Education System

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Everyone well knows what E-Learning is. Right? Even if you were a person unaware of eLearning platform, this pandemic period has surely made you get what an eLearning platform is and how it will be beneficial for the students and entrepreneurs. 

In recent days, eLearning serves a fruitful option for both entrepreneurs in revenue generation as well as the students to grab their desired course ease. Besides, with the onset of the novel pandemic, Coronavirus, the growth towards the eLearning platform for all sorts of education and industry is enhanced at its extent. Begins with college students to office workers, everyone is now at home. Right? This furnishes new opportunities for those in the e-Learning industry.

As well. Being a digital educator in an e-learning platform, you are not only supposed to share and gain knowledge but also let an immense way to enhance your passive income and ROI. As a matter of fact, right now, eLearning has grabbed its place in the on-demand market. In our last blog, we have discussed the on-demand market economy statistics 2021. Let us now dive into detail about the on-demand education market particularly. Proceed further. 

The Growth Of On- Demand Elearning Market 2020-2021

As the internet and education get associated and serves people with new opportunities to grab new skills, online education has experienced significant growth over the last decade which became more centric in peoples’ lives due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This pandemic has forced institutions and companies to work remotely which booms the utilization of eLearning platforms and it continues. 

The online education market stands at USD 247 million and it is expected to witness an 8x growth over the next 5 years to reach 1.96 billion mark in 2021.

There are enormous online learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Lynda and so on that facilitate millions of people to study online which comprise tons of useful courses under categories of computer science, engineering, mathematics, business, art, and personal development and so on.  

Highlights of On-demand Education Market - Predictions 2021

The online education market is expected to grow up to USD 1.6 billion and around 9.6 million by 2021.

2. In the industry overview, online certifications and reskilling are the most significant category today.

3. In 2021, primary and secondary supplemental education will be the significant category at USD 773 million growing at a CAGR of 60%. As well, test preparation will also be the fastest growing category in 2021 growing at a CAGR of 64%.

4. Flexibility, convenience and vast categories of study materials make students adopt online course channels.

5. Deliver high-quality course content and broader knowledge for every specific brand. 

Key Categories of Online Education Platform


1. Primary and secondary supplemental Education 

Primary and secondary classes will be enrolled for the students' learning. At present, the demand for the on-demand education industry is achieved by consumer shift with the wide comprehension of topics.

2. Test Preparation 

Online programs also admit coaching for the students to prepare them for the competitive exams.

3. Reskilling and Certifications 

The courses illustrated for the users to embellish their skills also result in certifications.

4. Higher Education

The best alternative way for higher education rather than preferring traditional education methodology.

5. Language and Causal Learning 

The category comes with a wide space of non-academic subjects like spoken English, Hindi and so on as well as guidance for playing guitar or any other sports.

The Future of Online Education - Forecast 2021 and Beyond


1. Embellishing User Engagement with Gamification Concepts

Gamification will be designed with the form of concept simulation, learning based on incentive, level advancement badges and the preference of the category. This results in enhanced knowledge acquisition and user engagement.

2. Hybrid Channel Adoption

Integration of online and offline course channels to furnish portable content and learning. Make online players establish and adopt students’ offline touchpoints.

3. Concept of Continuous Learning

Online education adoption has driven across three sorts of needs by three age groups.
1. Social Learning 
2. Employability
3. Entrepreneurship

4. Evolution of Business Models

Business model evolution under deviating requirements which enhances online educations’ perceived value. Peer to peer learning among students in order to gain pace. On the other hand, rather than regular courses, there are value-generating services like internships and implant training to offer hands-on experience to users.

5. Technological innovations 

To serve with courses based on emerging trends and technologies, the platform will have constant updates with the technology enhancements. Content consumptions will evolve through the utilization of technologies like virtual labs and wearable devices. To point out, the most beneficial and advantageous thing in these platforms is the usage of the cloud for data storage to access any device anytime. 

While overseeing these factors and the future of the on-demand education market, hope you can come to know that learning will experience the greatest impact in 2021 and for a long time. This temps your mind to start your own online education marketplace. No worries, it's not a big thing with startupmart. Being a leading on-demand app development company, we provide the best udemy clone script that lets you build your own online education marketplace smoothly. 

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