What are the Prominent Features of the BlaBlaCar Clone App?

In this busy running world, people are finding easy ways to complete their daily duties. With the development of technology and the invasion of the internet against our lives, our day to day lives has become so comfortable.   Gone are days, when people waited for hours at the bus stops. And then there were days where we need to wait for the confirmation message after booking a taxi. Technology bought many simple solutions and gained people’s attention. 

As the Demand increases, the taxi companies blending many new features and offers to gain users. Even BlaBlaCar gained limelight when they started offering a complete carpooling service. Slowly, BlaBlaCar has become the most successful long-distance carpooling platform. Today the company is functioning in more than 22 countries including France and Germany with 80 million drivers.

The success of BlaBlaCar is their business concept.  The concept of connecting passengers and drivers who are about to travel in the same direction in a single platform made the business a successful one. Through this, the passengers can cut short their riding costs when compared to the cost that they pay while hiring a separate cab.

Here is the Demo video of our V2Ride - A BlaBlaCar Clone App, which clearly explains the workflow of our ride sharing app. 

Benefits of Carpooling  Business

 - Carpooling saves money for the riders and also gives more profit for the organization.
 - Carpooling is good for the environment.
 - It helps to create a new comfortable travel environment.
 - It is good for health.
 - Carpooling is more convenient.
 - One can make new friends.

Features of BlaBlaCar Clone App

If you have an idea of starting a carpooling business with BlaBlaCar Clone App, then you must know the general features that a ridesharing app like BlaBlaCar must-have. Startupmart offers the dynamic BlaBlaCar Clone App/Web which has many unique features that are classified under four categories. Let me list our them,

Admin App Features

Admin panel and Dashboard - To manage the site features, settings, users, ride, discounts, seasonal offers, and view revenue earned

Extra Revenue -  Admin can earn additional profit via banner advertisements, membership plans, and commission-based revenue module.

Homepage Customization - Admin can create a banner with relevant image and text, customize description in homepage and link social media accounts.

Content Management System - Lets to view, edit, add and delete any of the inappropriate content from the site, users profile,

User App Features 

User Profile - User’s basic information is recorded to identify the user next time when they log in. 

View Bookings - Users can view the booking history

Offer ride/Book ride - Users can offer/book a ride by filling details such as destination, route, date, time, and no of seats.

Manage Account - Users can edit their account details 

Security Features 

E-mail Verification - Users can edit, modify their details with an email verification for security purposes.

Captcha - This helps from unrecognized people entering the site. 

Secure Coding - This keeps the code secure and impossible for hackers to hack.

Password Recovery - We can recover passwords through email verification.

Dispatch Panel

Manual Booking - Assign bookings manually to cab drivers whenever required by entering the basic details.

Bird’s View - the rider can view on-demand & scheduled taxi jobs, online & offline drivers, etc.

View Each Taxi Status - admin can view the individual status of the taxi. 

Bookings Dashboard - Lets’s to view all your bookings in an individual dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the prior mentioned features, you can also incorporate a few more features to increase your user-friendliness. Among the millions choosing a developing partner is very much important. And for it, you have to search a lot to find the best. And if you still can’t find the right one, let me help you. Startupmart offers the best BlaBlaCar Clone App/web for your carpooling business. Contact us for more details. 

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "BlaBlaCar". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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