How do I Start Carpooling Business like BlaBlaCar?

How do I Start Carpooling Business like BlaBlaCar?
There are many means of transportation. One can travel through car, train, bus, airplane, ship, etc. People felt comfortable when they travel in the car comparing to other means. But not everyone can afford to buy their own car. So people started to use taxi services. Then upgrading to the next level, we have started to share our rides with the other people who are about to travel in the same direction. And sharing the ride cost equally made us feel economically comfort.

BlaBlaCar Clone App

To start a Ride-Sharing business like BlaBlaCar, Startupmart provides a best BlaBlacar clone script, which comprises of all the existing features of the BlaBlaCar.

What is BlaBlaCar?

BlaBlaCar is the french based Carpooling Company. The main aim to connect passengers and drivers who have a need to travel together between cities and sharing ride cost of the journey among them. It is available in 22 countries. It is named as BlaBlaCar for its rating scale for drivers’ preferred level of chattiness during the travel in the car - “Bla” for someone who is not very chatty, “BlaBla”for who likes to talk, and “BlaBlaBla” for those who can’t shut up.

Working System 

BlaBlaCar is standing out of crowd because of its trustworthy services to the community. It offers users a ride or else the user can share a ride with others using BlaBlaCar. 

The BlaBlaCar working process starts with booking the trusted owner by searching the availability of car by entering the arrival and departure with the date of the journey. Then check the availability of the seat and car in the same way. And select the available trusted car ride. Finally, the ride is booked for a happy journey.

Now If someone wants to offer and ride with co-passenger and if not interested in traveling with empty seats then, the offering the riding process starts with entering the details of the ride, for example, the specific address of the pick-up and drop points, date of journey ride cost per co-traveler. Then co-passengers will book their ride with you. Immediately after booking you will receive the co-passengers phone number and other basic details. You can also add your car photo so that others can find it easily. Finally, you offered a ride in BlaBlaCar. This is the working system of the BlaBlaCar.

Here is the Demo video of our V2Ride - A BlaBlaCar Clone App, which clearly explains the workflow of our ride sharing app.  

How to Start a Ride Sharing Business like BlaBlaCar?

Starting a ride-sharing business like BlaBlaCar requires more technical support and a clear guideline. Most importantly one should need an expert consultation. Below this article you will find a contact us form, Using this you can claim for free demo for our BlaBlaCar Clone App. Based on the provided details our experts will reach you within 24 hours, to discuss everything regarding how to start an online ride sharing business like BlaBlaCar with our ready-made BlaBlaCar Clone App.

Why Start a Ride Sharing Business like BlaBlaCar?

There are some rigid reasons why people are looking forward to start a ride sharing business like BlaBlaCar. Simply with their growth, we can find the answer. Let me explain you in briefly.

In 2004, Vincent Caron bought the domain name and launched the first version of the site In 2006, the domain name is sold to Frederic Mazzella. He proceeded to create the company Comuto which will become the company owner of every car-pool sites. In June 2011, Comuto introduced in the United Kingdom. On the 29th of April, is re-branded in order to unify all the sites under one name. At the end of the year, BlaBlaCar revealed that they have 5 million members with 1 million monthly active users spread through 10 countries. According to 2019 stats, the platform has 70 million users.

From the Above growth chart, you can understand how the ride-sharing businesses like BlaBlaCar is about to get revenue. So get ready to start a ride-sharing business with our BlaBlaCar Clone App.

Why Choose Startupmart?

helps you to build your ride-sharing business like BlaBlaCar with our ready-made BlaBlaCar Clone App. We are ready to customize the website/app for you by adding special features according to your business need. Buy the BlaBlaCar Clone App from Us and stand unique from your competitors as our clone app is fully tested and  Bug-free.

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "BlaBlaCar". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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