Top 5 Most Important Features of Food Delivery Apps Like UberEats

Top 5  Most Important Features of  Food Delivery Apps Like UberEats
In this busy running world, people rush for their work in the morning and run-down to home feeling exhausted. They have very less time to do household works like cooking, cleaning, etc as there is no time and energy. From this food is the most important thing as food is the fuel for running the whole day.

Just Fantasize that people are getting their food on their doorstep. No need to waste time or energy on cooking. Simply a swipe to order the food. Feels cool na?  People are now days searching for options like this. Why don’t you take this as a Business Idea?

This online food delivery business has slowly gained its ground and reached its peak. This is the right time to start an online food delivery business. To start we are offering a platform like UberEats Clone Scripts for your business. Here I have mentioned some of the most important features of UberEats Clone Script.

Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Eats App that clearly explains the work flow of user app, restaurant app and driver app.

1.Automatic Fare Estimation

      This feature enables the user to order their food which will be on their budget. You can see all the ordered by your customer and your customers also can view the ordered foods list and their price with the total amount will be displayed on the screen before ordering the food. If you want to remove a particular food from the list, you can remove them.  

2.Multiple Languages
      Customer can now choose their comfortable language to order their food. Multiple languages feature enables the user to understand the features in the app/website. 
3.Live Notification

       The user gets a notification when the restaurant accepts the order, who is assigned for their delivery, etc. User will be notified when the food is prepared by the restaurant when the delivery executive starts his ride from the restaurant with your food. This will help the user to know everything about their order instantly.

4. Live Tracking

       This enables the user to know the location of the delivery executive. By using this feature, the customer can go for some other work and return on time when the delivery executive reaches their location.      


In UberEats Clone scripts apps anyone can book their foods easily. Because they provide a clear flow of the process. People admire online food delivery service because of its simplicity and transparency. People decide what they order, where they order, how they pay and when to deliver.

Any company can offer you the ubereats clone script but who will offer the best ? you should get a prosperity script from the best technical people.

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