How to Launch your Taxi Booking App Like Uber with Safety Measures for Covid19?

How to Launch your Taxi Booking App Like Uber with Safety Measures for Covid19?
It’s a known fact that peoples are concerning about their safety and personal hygiene in this Covid19 pandemic situation. Right? At the same time, the market of the smartphone application has becoming more fabulous among the masses specifically in these unforeseen pandemic situations. Moreover, due to the lockdown, the most predominant taxi services market is noticing a decline, for the very first time in its history. But governments begin to lift lockdowns as a measure to restore the economy. Hey entrepreneurs, this is your ideal time to venture into the market, with precise precautionary measures. Well, let me now explain how a business owner can develop a taxi app with safety measures. 
How fare will the Taxi Market after the COVID-19 crisis?
Analysts have described the prospects of how fare the car-hailing market will turn after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per the MNM report,
1. The car-hailing market is promising 55.6% YOY growth from 2020 to 2021
2. The market is expected to generate $117.34 billion by 2021
3. New safety measures can aid entrepreneurs to grab 70-80% business enhancement
4. Even after much disconcert, the market’s growth is declined by 2% only.
As a matter of fact, the taxi service's potential market will remain evergreen because of its popularity and market demand.
The Worthy Consideration of Uber Clone App Safety Measures 
Safety is the major concern for the panic-stricken people. So, it is more vital to offer safe and hassle-free rides to them. Well, let me now project the must integrate precautionary measures in your taxi app.
1. Passengers Limiting
Any physical contact with people can lead to the possibility of disease spreading. Hence limiting the availing services of passenger count to two leads to the drivers' and passengers’ safety through maintaining social distancing.
2. Integrating Mask Recognition Software
To act as carriers of the disease, safety gears are mandatory for the drivers. Likewise, the drivers need to upload a selfie wearing face masks. In this way, you can enable the passengers’ safety. adhering to strict safety regulations. Reputed uber clone apps recognize face IDS in real-time which significantly conserves the admins' workload to approve drivers for accepting rides.
3. Creating a Safety Checklist
Make sure your drivers adhered to the safety checklists comprising sanitizers, gloves, facemasks and so on which significantly stands for users’ safety.
4. Reject Rides
If the situation or location feels unpleasant, both the users and drivers can reject rides, and to point out, there will be no cancellation charges in such cases which adds the reliability of the app towards the users.
5. Rating and Reviews 
Rather than the other ride-hailing experience, users are able to rate the safety of a specific ride or share their experience in the form of reviews.
Revenue Generation Ways of the App
Returning investment is the chief focusing area of any entrepreneurs. By launching a taxi app, you are evident to generate revenue through several ways at post-COVID-19.
1. Paid Commissions – The app acts as a virtual platform that links drivers to users in need. Therefore, if any payment made by the user to the driver, you too receive a part of that payment which is known as paid commission.
2. Surge Pricing – When there is a great demand for taxi services, you can enhance the fare in areas that embellish your revenue as well as possible.
3. Advertising – Join your hands to third party vendors to advertise their products in your app, so that you can yield payments on a daily or an hourly basis.
To point out, with the vas ways of revenue generation, one can significantly enhance their ROI in this market. 
Steps Involved in Launching the On-Demand Taxi App
Furnishing the utmost satisfaction to reaching out to entrepreneurs of us is the major concern of Startupmart. Here are the seven simple steps to launch your app in the market.
1. Tell us the requirements of your taxi booking app. Our development team listens to you out entirely and discuss the stages of app development. 
2. After receiving your obligations, we furnish a live demo of our Uber clone app which aids you in the visualization of the seamless workflow. 
3. Our team proceeds to app development phases if you are satisfied with the demo. 
4. We provide the absolute complete branding and customization of the app which lets you customize the name, logo, brand, etc. of the app. 
5. Another live demo session for you after the complete customization.
6. After your approval, we launch your app on digital platforms like Android, iOS, once you approved. 
7. Apart, we furnish you with absolute source code and offer bug support until the support time. 
As result, it is the best time to start your taxi booking business like Uber.
Wrapping Up
Hope the world will return to its fast pace within a short span. Therefore, this is the time to sharpen your axes. Join your hands with us, tell us your requirements, and rule the taxi services market with our reliable uber clone.

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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