Uber for X Business Model - The Ultimate Guide for Startups

Uber for X Business Model - The Ultimate Guide for Startups
From the last decade, the online business market has tremendously seen a momentous upliftment. Initially, it all started after the revolution on the internet. After that slowly the internet-based businesses have gained its stage. Then slowly the on-demand services apps like uber, zomato, Netflix, etc has become very successful and paved a way for many entrepreneurs to come forward with many innovative ideas to make our life easy and swipe away. The success of the uber created an ushered many unique business ideas int the On-Demand Business Industry. As a result, many new business models came into the arena to share the stage. 
Growth of On-Demand Services Apps - Uber for X 
The On-Demand Services app industry has an average annual income of $57.6 billion and each year it attracts more than 22.4 million customers. The online market place takes the 34th of a piece with $35.5 billion yearly. Among all other on-demand services, transportation is the dominant industry which generated $5.6 billion, followed by the food and grocery delivery industry with $4.6 billion. 
Experts say that by 2022 the On-demand Services apps industry will generate an overall revenue of $869.95 billion. Did you know? A survey report on the on-demand economy by Burson Marsteller who is from Aspen Institute and Time Indicates, 42% or 86.5 million Americans have used at least one of the on-demand services. Below are the Industries which is going to be more in demand in this period, 
 * Commercial Dry Cleaning and washing sector - 3.4%
 * Plumbing Market - 12%
 * Flooring - 5%
 * Home services and freelancer services - $8.1 billion 
 * Others Categories - $3.8 billion
These stats are enough to vindicate the increasing demand for these on-demand services apps.  What business will make a huge reach among the people? Any guesses? Wait let me tell you exactly,  any unique idea which gives a perfect solution to the people’s need or solves a complicated process will be heartily accepted by the users. 
Types of On-Demand Business Models like Uber for X
Transportation and Travel 
These sectors have huge participation in the on-demand economy. 75% of the fund majorly comes from 5 of the industries among them 4 are from transportation and travel. Uber also faces heavy competition from local companies. For example, Ola an Indian Taxi booking app giving really bad nightmares to ubertaxi. Uber can be used in some of the following industries. 
- Uber for Taxi
- Uber for Rentals  
Delivery Services
“I am tired”, “I hate cooking on Sunday”, “I feel so lazy to go out have my dinner”. These are the terms that turned the food delivery industry a grand success. Do you know? More than 50% of the adult Britishers nearly 28.6 million people used the food delivery applications in the first half of 2016. Plus ⅕ of brits which is 19% order food online every week, followed by ⅖ indicating 39% of the brits order food every month.
The Online food and grocery market in the united kingdom were 10.5 billion Euro and it is expected to reach 17.6 billion euros by 2021. This shows how the food delivery industry impacted in the UK. Not only in UK and US but also in Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil the food delivery services are experiencing tremendous growth.  
Industries in which uber can be used:
- Uber for Grocery Delivery
                - Uber for Food Delivery
Health Care and Fitness
- Uber For Health and Fitness Services
- Uber for Health Experts
- Uber for Medicine Delivery
One of the growing industries with on-demand apps is the healthcare sector. In the traditional method, people need to wait for long hours to meet the doctor in the hospital, in some cases, this ended up in bad situations when it comes to an emergency. Likewise, the pharmacy will be open for a particular time. 
But on-demand Apps had bought a solution for these problems. There are apps available to book an appointment for meeting the doctor and with in few clicks medicines will be delivered at your doorstep.
Professional Services
There are so many types of industries that can make use of uber for building an app for their business. The following are some of the on-demand services which can make use of Uber.
- Uber for Plumbing and Repair Services
- Uber for Pest Control Services
- Uber for House Cleaning Services
- Uber for Electrical Services
- Uber for Baby Sitters
- Uber for Carpenters
- Uber for Maids
- Uber for Beauty Services
- Uber for Laundry
- Uber for Tutors
- Uber for PC Repairs
- Uber for Mechanics
- Uber for Movers
- Uber for Tow Trucks 
- Uber for Pets
- Uber for Massage Services
- Uber for Marijuana
- Uber for Lawn Care
Logistics - Uber for Courier
The rise in the on-demand economy is also witnessed by the courier and other logistics-related services. Here the technology played a vital role by giving live notification to the customers for tracking. The unexpected delivery and unfair pricing issues were solved by the rise of the on-demand economy in this logistics.
For most of the traditional businesses, the on-demand apps are going to build the future. These models are going to be increasing in the future. Technology is the major element of all these platforms.  Get in touch with the right set of experts and take your business ahead by designing the most appropriate app template for you. Here is Startupmart to help you in building Uber-like-app for your on-demand businesses. 

Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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