What are the Business and Revenue Model of Our UberTaxi Clone App?

What are the Business and Revenue Model of Our UberTaxi Clone App?
For the past few years of the decade, the online taxi booking industry is moving in the path of the upward direction of growth. This massive growth of the online taxi booking industry triggered many budding entrepreneurs to step into the on-demand online taxi booking industry. To help such newcomers, Startupmart built a UberTaxi Clone App called ByDoo Taxi which can be integrated to run an online taxi booking business like Uber. 

Revenue Generating Model

The business giants like Uber, lyft are the taxi co-ordinators who partner up with the local taxi owners to offer rides based on request. The revenue model of these organizations lies in the concept of pay-for-performance. They charge a commission amount of a particular percentage from the taxi operators and also charge a nominal fee from the users for accessing their technology platform.

Leading Competitors

- Uber
- Ola
- Lyft
- Gett
- Flywheel
- Arro

The dissimilarity between the other taxi booking services like Uber, lyft and your platform can boil down to a few points:

1. The major geographical area, government policies and the mentality of the target audience will differ from place to place.

2. You need to offer a wide range of booking methodologies such as a mobile app, web app and a phone call booking method.

3. As technology paved a way for many options of digital payments, still there are many areas where cash is the preferred mode of payment.

Unique Ideas in the development of Uber-like app:

There are few business models in uber, apart from picking and dropping the customer in the destination. Some of the contrast ideologies that can be integrated into your taxi booking app/web are listed below: 
Taxi Services for Patients

It is a good idea to build an app especially for patients who need to visit hospitals and clinics on a daily basis. The booking process is all the same as the normal one so it is easy for the patients to book for a ride.  

Taxi Services for Women

This is the most wanted idea, As this is useful for women who work in night shifts and who travel at night time. Using the application, women can book taxis and travel safely from place to place. Even one can hire a woman driver as per their convenience.

Taxi Services for Kids

Taxi service for kids is the most welcomed business idea by the parents. Parents can easily book for a taxi to send their children to school, tuition classes and other activity classes. Within a few clicks, parents can book a taxi for their kids from their office without any tension.  

Instead of selecting the primary service model and struggling with a huge competition, it is best to pick a niche and grow rich in it. 

Taxi Services for Transportation

Here in this transportation service instead of customers, products and goods can be moved from one place to another place. This model will be more helpful for market businesses and organizations who need to book trucks for their own transportation purposes. 

Wrapping Up

Eventually, the major idea is to combine all ideas of taxi services into a single platform. So that there are cent percent chances to get ‘n’ number of users. Even though the online taxi booking business monsters like Uber and lyft are rigidly placed in the industry, there are still numerous places available for the new players to kick-start. By Spotting a niche and continuing to work aggressively on it, one can generate a quite profitable monetization strategy even in the beginning stage. 

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Disclaimer : Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademark of "Uber". We are not doing any promotional activities and we use the term only for understanding our product. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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