How to Generate High ROI on Launching A Food Delivery App?

How to Generate High ROI on Launching A Food Delivery App?
When you say or hear the word “Food” automatically our minds things of our favorite food and we get tempted to it. Years before people just know and eat only their regional foods. But after the entry of the Internet, people came to know about the different food items from all over the world and started tasting them too. As a result, many restaurants evolved, preparing all the other regional food. Our love for food keeps on increasing day by day.
Then people started visiting restaurants with family and friends. This is the era where food is being delivered at our door-step!!! There are multiple food delivery apps like UberEats available in the market, which delivers food with in a few swipes and taps. 
Basic Concept of Food Delivery Apps?
After the successful app installation and registration in the app, people can select their favorite food from any restaurant around the city and pay for it. A delivery executive delivers the food to the user within the estimated time. Having an idea of starting a food delivery business like Uber and want to know how to get profit after launching the food delivery business? Then this blog will help you a lot. 
Here is the Demo video of our ByDoo Eats App that clearly explains the work flow of user app, restaurant app and driver app.

Types of Apps
Generally, there are two types of models. Each one has unique features and functionalities. Based on your business requirements you need to select a model. Both are differentiated by the features and working system. 
Organization Support System
In this system, the delivery team will play a vital role. Here any of the restaurants can partner up with them. The user orders the food and the restaurant accepts it and starts preparing the food. Meanwhile, the nearest delivery executive is assigned to delivery the food. The executive arrives at the restaurant and picks up the ordered food. Finally, the executive delivers food to the user. 
Collective System
In this system, there is no role for the separate delivery team. This is used to co-ordinate the users. Once the user orders the food, the restaurant accepts it and the restaurant itself will deliver the food to the users. Now you have to choose a system which will be the perfect one for your business idea. 
Why Uber for Clone?
From the initial stage, uber had shown rapid growth in generating revenue. As of 2018, the revenue was $1.46 billion. Starting your own business is a good idea, the same as that of starting a food delivery business is a brilliant idea. As the revenue of the global market for online food delivery was estimated at $94 billion in the year 2019. Ans also experts predicted that in the future it is going to increase 9% per year reaching $134.5 billion in 2023. 
By this business, both the small scale industries and large scale industries get benefited. Secondly, building a brand new app/web will take more time and need a lot of money. But buying an ubereats clone script requires less time and you can get it at an affordable price. Buying the app/web at an affordable price and generating high revenue are the two major reasons for choosing uber for clone. 

What is the source of revenue? 
The main aim of starting a business is to earn money. Before starting a business one must know the ways of earning money in that business. Here are some of the ways of generating revenue in the online food delivery business.
This is one of the best ways to monetize. Advertise means, if a restaurant wants to be in the top priority listing, they can pay an amount and be in the top list. The restaurant appears at the top of the search list for a particular period. Swiggy’s main source of profit is by advertisements. Restaurants pay the amount to swiggy for being a member. Likewise, uber also charges restaurants for marketing. 
Through this, the user gets attracted more to the one which appears first on the search result. This is the main concept of making money through advertisements.
Commission Based
The next source of income is by the commission. The delivery app gets a commission from the user for using the app for ordering the money. And same as of that the restaurant also pays a certain percentage of the amount as commission. The commission percentage should be a pre-defined one with the restaurants.
Delivery Charges
If a restaurant has its own delivery team there is no need for the charge. In case, if the restaurants have no delivery service, the delivery app charges the restaurant for delivering the food to the customer. Delivery fees can be a percentage of the order price or a flat fee depending on the distance. Swiggy has got 30-35% of the order price as the delivery charge, Uber charges flat rate starting from $4.99 and varies from the distance, Foodpanda charges 2% service charge and 10% commission. 
Peak Hours Pricing
One more way of monetizing is demand-based pricing. In this, the extra amount is charged during peak hours. For example, the delivery charges can be doubles during a rainy day. Likewise, UberEats sets an extra amount during lunch and dinner. During this time, they limit the menus and location and make a demand. Then Charges surge price for making it available.
What is the Basic Element of an UberEats Clone App?
Several features should be included in an UberEats Clone app/web. Let me list out some of them below, 
- Isolated panels for restaurants, drivers and users.
- Multiple Payment modules
- Offers and promo code
- 24/7 technical support
- Details of the executive and the user
- Cancellation and refund
Bottom Line
Build a food delivery App/Web which is strong enough to compete with the existing business models. As of the statista, the online food delivery business is going to rock the stage. So it is a good time to start your online food delivery business like UberEats. Startupmart delivers the best UberEats Clone App called ByDooEats for your business. If you are about to take a step in the food delivery industry, with your startup ideas, talk to our experts to enhance your business with innovative technology

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