How On-Demand Apps Help in the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic Season?

How On-Demand Apps Help in the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic Season?
The coronavirus pandemic is creating a calamity all over the world. The pandemic has spread in almost all countries. It is very important to stay home safely as this virus will spread very easily from one person to another. The main reason behind the lockdown is to stop the spreading chain of the virus. As a result of the quarantine, a massive community spread can be stopped. 

To fight against this dreadful virus Quarantine is the only option we all have. But during the period of isolation where will, the people go for getting their basic needs? The cutting edge technologies in this twenty-first century have paved the way to meet the daily needs of the people at their doorstep. There are applications available to order for food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, etc which will be delivered to the user’s location. 

These on-demand applications are very useful in this current situation. Practicing to use these applications will reduce the outbreak of the pandemic in an efficient manner.

The Rise in On-Demand Apps

Adopting these application technologies will let people get their required services within the safe zone. So, as a safety precaution people give more priority and feel comfortable with the doorstep services. This is why the on-demand doorstep services are much needed by the people in this delf quarantine period.

1. The Amazon behemoth announced a huge number of new hirings, approximately 100,000. This helps them meet the demand for the sudden rise in the orders. They also said that the wages of the employees will be increased up to $17 per hour from $15.

2. The Domino’s pizza is also looking for 10,000 new employees to deliver food in this quarantine period. 

3. Doordash, a popular food delivery company, has partnered with more than 100,000 new restaurants to meet the orders by their users.

Let us see about the upswing of the various industries during this lockdown. The basic needs of our day to day life during this isolation period are: 

- Food Delivery Service.
- Online Grocery Service.
- Doctor Consulting Service. 
- Medicine Delivery Service.

Fast Food Delivery Services

Even on normal days, people prefer to order food online. Then think about now. Surely there is a huge need for online food delivery services. Due to this lockdown, for example, people who stay away from their homes will suffer from getting their food. Here the food delivery services play a vital role. These kinds of people are more benefited from this system. These services also offer different payment gateways so that the users can pay the amount without physical contact with the delivery executive.

Business owners can get a tremendous amount of profit by initiating an online food delivery business. We Startupmart offers you the white-labeled UberEats Clone App for your online business venture.

The Comfortable Online Grocery Shopping 

Purchasing the grocery items for the whole lockdown period is impossible. Wondering where to buy all the necessary grocery items in the lockdown? These on-demand apps have solutions to these problems. Grocery shopping can be done using an application within a few taps and clicks. Already the online grocery shopping apps like Walmart and Instacart are experiencing an enormous amount of downloads. Instacart and Walmart have seen 218% and 160% increase in the number of downloads made per day.

Doctor Consultation using On-Demand Apps

Due to COVID,19 people are even afraid of visiting hospitals. Already the hospitals are crowded. After the pandemic in Washington, the online healthcare platform confirmed that the rate of appointments has increased to 650%. You can consult a doctor and forward the prescription to the online medicine delivery apps and get your medicines delivered at your doorstep. Now start your online doctor consultation service and service millions of people in this quarantine period. Keeping social distancing in mind, people have begun to rely on on-demand apps for doctor consultation. 

Online Medicine Delivery Service

With the virus spread hanging around the corner, people feel it's unsafe to step out of their homes. But how do the people get their medicines? The on-demand medicine delivery apps answer for this. After ordering the medicines using the application, the medicines are delivered within a few minutes. Many famous medicine delivery platforms have already started hiring many new employees to meet the orders. People should upload the prescription and wait until the pharmacy approves it. Within a few hours, the medicines will be delivered at the doorstep. It is now or never to develop a medicine delivery app. Maintaining adequate supply chains and scheduled restocking can help you thrive in the market. 

The Super App

Just imagine What if you offer all these on-demand services in a single app? Cool right! Using different apps for all these services will be boring. Where the on-demand multi-services apps like Gojek and Uber for X have already stepped into this trillion-dollar industry. 

Nearly half of the US population has started these on-demand multi-service platforms. Provide your users with a single platform with all these above-mentioned services. A 100% customizable and professionally-crafted Gojek Clone App from Startupmart and step into the multi-services market. 


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