Start Your Online Hotel Booking Business like OYO.

Start Your Online Hotel Booking Business like OYO.
Hotel Booking Clone Script:

Trying to launch an online Hotel Booking Website to book a hotel, villa or Resort. 
Start your online Hotel Booking Business like OYO and Trivago with Startupmart, is the perfect one-stop place to purchase Ready Made Clone App Script websites like Hotel booking portal Airbnb, UberEats, Udemy, etc.

Purpose of Hotel Booking Website:

Hotel Booking Website is an online booking platform where you can book your hotel with a single tap using your smart devices. Earlier, you may struggle to book a hotel for your vacation but, now its turned to be an easy task. 

There are so many hotel booking websites out there, among those OYO, Trivago is the top rated Online Travel site helping travelers to book a comfortable accommodation at their chosen location, time and prices.

Hotel Booking Clone Script like OYO, Trivago has all the associated features such as Room / Reservation Management, Secure Payment Methods, Standardized Amenities, Recommended Destinations, Multi – Language and Currency Support, etc. which would result in bringing a hike to your business career. 

What are OYO and Trivago?

OYO is the largest and fastest growing network of hotels transforming and standardizing budget accommodation across the country - one room at a time. OYO provides you a customized and hand-crafted guest experience. 

Trivago is an online travel site. Trivago offers voyagers the capacity to choose and book a wide determination of lodging convenience over the world.  It has a vast database that lets you find last minute deals and discounts even in search results.

Difficulties of Earlier Booking:

If a user wants to book a hotel, he used to depend on the third party. As a third party is involved, the turnaround time to book a hotel may extend for a few hours and, the price of rooms also gets fluctuation.

Moreover there require your physical presence to book a hotel and cannot predict how safe and hygienic hotel it might be. After your Booking, you will have a receipt its also high risk of keeping it safe. In case if you kept the receipt safe, there may be a chance of vanishing text. 

Business Model of Online Hotel Booking Portal:

Online Hotel Booking Website which makes an easy hotel booking. It enables the user to book their hotel from anywhere without the need for their physical presence. Through this online booking method, you will have various discounts.
Certain things need to be done before to book your room. The hotel owner needs to register his hotel on online hotel booking portal then he should share all his details and hotel features and functionalities. Then he has to upgrade his hotel as per the standard of the portal. All those details will be saved in the cloud. Finally, he takes care of the users.

In Admin Side he verifies the hotel and books that hotel for week and month basis. Then he lists the hotels on the portal to receive a booking. Then users might see those hotels, and they can book various hotels according to their requirements. After booking confirmed, the admin will pay hotel owners weekly or monthly.

From the User side, he does registration on the portal then he selects hotels and room type based on his requirement, and he provides his check-in details. Finally, he confirms his booking and pays advance.

Key Features Need to Focus on:

Landing Page:

     1. As we all know the First impression is the Best Impression. So make your Landing page User-friendly and delightful to look at. Because this is the key factor which determines the users to stay or switch to other sites.

     2. Page Should have a Highlighting and Catchy Headline.

     3. The Search bar should be User-friendly with prominent search bar parameters.

     4. Page Should have a banner with Discounts and Offers to attract Users.

      5. Should have a Testimonials section.

GPS Tracking:

GPS functionalities, here you can experience a real-time tracking. This will enable a user to locate their nearby Hotel based on their area perspective. A location map, which highlights all the possible means to travel around and also locate Places to visit or activities to do nearby this location.

Feedback System:

Feedback System which is the stepping stone for business. This Feedback from customers will contain various queries. Then the management will take them from a positive perspective to improve a business.

Payment Gateway:

After Your Booking, you can pay either through Online or can make payment at the corresponding hotel itself. But Now everything got digitalized so most of the people preferring for Online Payment. And the Hotel Booking Portal also encouraging online payment by giving certain discounts to the customers.

Verification Method: 

Starting From your Registration in the portal to the online payment you will be receiving OTP for your verification so you may experience high privacy and security. All those details will be stored in the Admin Panel as well as user side.

Advantages of Online Hotel Booking Website:

      1. Automate Manual Booking Management Tasks.

      2. Take Instant Online Payments.

      3. Increase Efficiency and Workflow.

      4. Manage Your Customers with ease in Database.
      5. Create accurate reports.

      6. Take Online booking 24/7

      7. Endless Integrations.

       8. Increase Customers Service.

       9. Able to book on different devices.

       10. Have the ability to alter and cancel the bookings.

Get Your Hotel Booking clone script which enables you to easily launch your website similar to Trivago and OYO at a comparatively cheaper price. 

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