Types of Models Engaged in the Food Delivery App

Types of Models Engaged in the Food Delivery App
Building a robust application or website for your online food delivery business is one of the important ways to sustain this food delivery industry. One can implement their innovative business ideas in building an efficient app, and make a revolution in the food delivery industry.
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Types of  Models in Food Delivery Business
There are three types of models. By using any of this model one can build an online food delivery business and can be launched. Let us see about the three models in detail.
The latest Delivery Model
As the name of the model, the work in this type is to deliver food to the customers from the restaurants. Here the user orders the food through an online application. After checking the availability of the requested food, the restaurant owner accepts the order. Then the order details are sent to the nearest delivery executives and one of them accepts the order. The delivery executive reaches the restaurant, collects the food.
The delivery agent has permission to access the location and contact details of the customer etc. Within the approximated time the food is delivered to the door-step of the customer. This is the model used by many food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEats to deliver food. Here the delivery executives are the third parties. 
The commission paid by the restaurant owners and the customers is the main source of income in this model. A fixed percentage of commission amount should be paid to the delivery agency by the restaurants for each delivery. Likewise, the customer pays the commission amount via the delivery amount. This type of model is a good one for small restaurants who want to develop their business.

The Accumulator Model
In this type of model, there are three main roles. They are the user, the restaurant and the negotiator. The process of this model is, initially the user signs in to the food delivery platform. Then the user places the order by choosing the required food items from the menu of the restaurant. The role of the mediator starts here. The mediator confirms the order and passes it to the restaurant. The restaurant has a delivery team of their own. So right after the food is being prepared, the food will be delivered to the customer at the doorstep. 
Here the revenue is generated only from the restaurant. The Mediator gets commission amounts from restaurants for getting orders and sending them through a food ordering platform. Here in this model, the user doesn’t need to pay any charges to the mediator, instead of delivery charges had to be paid to the restaurant. The successful food delivery apps like FoodPanda, GrubHub used this model in their apps and reached this position today.
All-rounder model
The all-rounder model is the model in which restaurants perform all the activities like accepting orders, preparing foods and delivering the order to the customers. When it comes to the execution of the model, firstly the customer makes an order through an online app. Once the order gets accepted by the restaurants, the food is prepared by in-house chefs and delivery executives deliver the food to the customer. The all-rounder model is facilitative for startups and growing restaurants.
As I said before, applications play the main role. If you are the one who is willing to start an online food delivery business like UberEats, then you must build an effective app to reach the customers and generate more revenue. So, it is very important to choose the right on-demand app development company
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