Top Industries that Rule the On-Demand App Market in 2020

Top Industries that Rule the On-Demand App Market in 2020
As the days as are passing, the app world is amusing us with more unique application development. In the upcoming years, things are going to be even more interesting with the app development industry. Now, there are apps available in the store for every simple thing. Smartphones are an essential part of our life, as they meet all the demands of our day to day tasks. Simply we need to send a request for getting service and you will get the required service at your doorstep.

On-Demand Mobiles Apps play a vital role in almost every industry, like an online taxi booking app, online food delivery, online hotel booking, etc. The masters in these industries like Uber, Oyo, BlaBlaCar, Dream11, etc acquired immense popularity due to the applications they developed. The main reason for the reach of these on-demand apps is user-friendliness. Right now, every industry is incorporating the use of on-demand services. 2020 is going to be a year that is going to set a trend of on-demand apps.

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The following are the giant Industries that rule the On-Demand App world,

Delivery services

The on-demand delivery services are food delivery and grocery delivery. There are many delivery services but these two services are the widely adopted delivery services. In this busy running world, 63% of the people prefer to get their food in their doorstep rather than going to the restaurant for eating. So, as a result, from 2020, the restaurants who do not offer online food delivery and ordering services will lose 70% of the customer and eventually, the revenue also will go done. As of 2019, 36% of the users in the food delivery applications belong to 25 to 34 years. UberEats, GrubHub, Just Eat are the current business masters in the food delivery market system. Food is an essential one for living, so a startup with innovative ideas can boom in this industry. 


The transportation industry offers services to its customers in various forms like carpooling, car rental, etc. The giants like UberTaxi, BlaBlaCar are the major contributors to this transportation industry. Worldwide, the industry contributes 21.6 billion dollars with China at the top of the list contributing 6.3 billion dollars. And 11 billion dollars which are generated by Uber as it preferred by most of the customers and drivers. 5 on-demand start-ups get more than 75% of funds. And the 4th of the list is transportation. This is why the entrepreneurs who invest in this industry could easily flourish.

Professional services

The next industry having a major scope is professional services, as it includes all the necessary on-demand services at the doorstep. They offer Mechanic, Carpentry, Doctors, Electrician, Pest control, Household work, Baby-sitting, Plumbing, and even Software programmers/designers, tutors, baby sitters, etc. The top business models in this industry are Venturapact, Serviz, Handy, etc. The main advantage of this industry is that the services they offer are the very basic need in everyone’s life. The professionals in this industry make our lives an easy and comfortable one. 

Multi- Vendor E-commerce Script

This industry proved that even shopping can be done online. Here anyone can become a retailer and customer. Amazon has control over this industry with having revenue of about 233 billion dollars, servicing in almost all the countries and offering A to Z products. The other global contributors to the E-commerce industry are Walmart and The Home Depot.

Gojek - On-Demand Multiservices Platform

Initially, Gojek started with a courier delivery and two-wheeler ride-hailing service. It is an On-Demand Multi-Services platform running in Southeast Asia offering more than 20 services. Now it has established itself as a super app. According to the statista the total value of the company is about $10 billion since 2015. The major advantage of Gojek Application is that they offer multiple on-demand services in a single platform.  

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Bottom Line

All the aforementioned industries will surely make an influence in the on-demand mobile app industry as they rapidly grow. Already the competition among the mobile app develops has increased. So it is important to keenly watch the trend before you step into it. If you are a newbie and struggling to find out the best mobile app development company? 

No worries, you are the right place. Startupmart is an eminent on-demand app development company offering clone app/web of business models like Uber, Airbnb, Dream11, BlaBlaCar, etc. Great ideas need to be recognized. Here we are to give you the perfect platform for building your own online business, by offering mobile app and web with ready-made clone script based on your requirements. Purchase on-demand clone mobile app like Dream11 Clone App/Web, UberEats Clone App/Web, UberTaxi Clone App/Web, Gojek Clone App/Web for your online business. 

Disclaimer: Startupmart neither represents nor has command over the trademarks of Uber, Gojek, Airbnb, Dream11, etc. We are not doing any promotional activities for them and we use these terms only for understanding our products. Our motto is not to harm any organization or individual.

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